Signals that are not to be missed: oncologist called the first symptoms of cancer

Сигналы, которые нельзя упускать: онкохирург назвал первые симптомы рака

Cancer can occur immediately, but at the first suspicion must hurry.

About Andrew beznosenko – oncologist, chief physician of the National cancer Institute, told in an exclusive interview Сlutch.

“Specific symptoms of cancer, inherent in each of his species, does not exist. As a rule, in the early stages it is manifested unmotivated weight loss, General weakness, rapid fatigability and pallor of the common integument. But it is not specific markers, which are absolutely talking about the presence of the tumor. These factors can occur throughout life.

It is clear that if there is blood in the stool, then you need to go to the doctor to be examined. If a woman is outside of monthly bleeding – she needs to go to the gynecologist, felt a breast lump – to mammologist. Any deformation of the body, not peculiar to man, should be an alarming signal. But a single, universal symptom for the detection of malignant tumors there is,” concluded the doctor.