Signs for January 25: what should not be done on student day

Приметы на 25 января: что категорически нельзя делать на Татьянин день

On 25 January, the students celebrate their holiday. It coincides with the birthday of Tatiana, as the patroness of all students of the Christian Martyr Saint Tatiana.

With this day associated also a lot of people take on which you can learn how the whole year will be: sultry, yielding, or Vice versa.

What not to do in Tatiana’s day

  • On student day, you can not quarrel and swear, especially with loved ones, you should try to spend the day at the calm and benevolent mood.
  • On this day, it is impossible to remove to wash, to engage in physical labor or crafts.
  • But before the holiday is necessary to bring the house in order and clean, as clutter in holiday can get you into trouble and problems.
  • It is impossible to refuse to this day to help those who ask. Our ancestors believed that denying or ignoring a request, you can get in trouble.

Signs on 25 January, St. Tatiana’s day

  • On the day of St. Tatiana sun – to the early arrival of birds
  • Snow January 25 – the summer will be rainy
  • The warm winds of summer will be arid, the harvest scarce
  • Clear and frosty weather in Tatiana’s day – the summer is moderately warm and without much temperature changes
  • Large drifts in Tatiana’s day, there will be plenty of bread
  • Snowstorm and strong winds on January 25 – are drought, crop failures and poor fishing
  • If this day the oldest woman in the family will bake a loaf that will be a good harvest. And every household on 25 January, although obliged to eat a piece. Gave pet
  • Starry sky in Tatiana Day – early spring