Signs for July 15: what not to do

Приметы на 15 июля: что нельзя делать

The Orthodox Church celebrates on 15 July the position of the honourable robe of the Theotokos in Blachernae and remember Saint Photios, Metropolitan of Kiev.

Tradition July 15

In the old days this day was dedicated to the goddess Berehynia.

According to popular notions, the ancient goddess Bereginya protected the peasants from various problems, from crop failures, guarded from all evil, bringing health, patron of family life, care for the cattle, and helped hunters and fishermen. It was a symbol of the feminine and masculine, water and earth, man and nature.

House Keeper saves the human race protects.

With the Keeper in the house of peace.

According to legends, on this day, the Keeper looked round hay meadows located on the banks of rivers, and filled the grass and the flowers healing powers. The goddess was considered the protector of women and young girls. On 15 July they were outside of the village, bowed birch and asked her for happiness in love, health, prosperity and assistance in various worldly Affairs.

With the advent of Christianity in this day began to honor the mother of God. There was a ban on work in the field, the processing of flax and hemp, sewing, because the mother of God in this day, “Reese and Sheila put it.” The peasants put the refreshment table, invited the priest who consecrated the barn and livestock.

Women who have died to this day do not eat berries, or “that light” of God mother of their children berries will not.

Healers July 15, remove the damage and whammy, read the conspiracy of the wealth in the house. Purifying and anti-aging procedures performed today, will be particularly useful for the body.

Signs for July 15

Carp begins to splash – to the warm and clear weather.

The West wind blew – wait for rain.

The appearance of the first trees yellow leaves, heralds an early autumn and winter.

Morning water fog creeps – to good weather.

After the rain, quickly dries the asphalt to the protracted bad weather.

On the tips of leaves of grass appeared Rosa to precipitation.

Open the ant moves to the bucket, but if the day ants are seen, it will rain.

Winged ants swarm in the air, circling to the shower.

Day is especially successful for the completion of any Affairs, but to make a major purchase July 15 is not necessary, because they will not bring you joy.

Sleep from 14 to 15 July, prophetic, will be soon, but not completely, but a dream seen by day July 15, empty. That you had this period not to tell anyone.