Signs on January 29: what not to do in Peter’s day

Приметы на 29 января: что нельзя делать в Петров день

On January 29, the feast day of Peter polyorb. It consists of two parts – the name of the Church and the people. The first was given in memory of the disciple of Christ, the Apostle Peter, the first Pope. The date chosen by the Church to worship one of the biggest Christian relics.

We are talking about the chains with which Peter was bound when it came to his arrest, first in 42 in Jerusalem, then in ‘ 64 in Rome. Another name for these circuits have an “honest chains.”

The name folk – polyorb says that it was time to see whether there is enough cattle feed before she can go graze in the meadows, what they talked about: “Peter-polyoma – half of the winter feed”.

If winter was spending more than half of the stocks, it was necessary to reduce the ration, and that such negligent owner said: “Fasting the animal, if the owner of the feed is not saved”.

So, combining the traditions, economic needs and the fact that on this day the peasants obihazhivat animals in their yard, Peter was made the patron Saint of domestic animals.

Signs on January 29

  • If in the morning in St. Peter’s day North wind, expected strong cold snap and frosts in the coming days.
  • For the coming cold, and pointed out the humming of the samovar.
  • Watched the sunset and the sun: if it was painted in red color, expected frosty and clear weather.

Predicted weather signs and weather over the next several months and coming seasons.

  • The Blizzard which sweeps in the twenty-ninth day of January in the morning, is predicting a rainy summer.
  • Cold day pointed to hot and dry summer.
  • Snowfall in St. Peter’s day pointed to the fact that the meadows will be a lot of juicy grass, besides, was expected good fishing during the coming summer.
  • Blizzard on this day indicated that there was a cold and rainy summer, but for fishermen this omen is unfavorable, since the good fishing in this case expect not worth it.

Besides, according to national signs, the day Peter started to break the ice. Despite the fact that the frosts are strong and bitter, the people said that the ice is cracking and breaking. Fishermen engaged in winter fishing, it should be in this day especially careful in the twenty-ninth day of January is not really recommended to go on the ice for fishing.