Signs that will get the money in your wallet

Приметы, которые затащат деньги в ваш кошелек

Many of us believe in folk superstitions. Especially signs associated with money and wealth. And often they do have some truth. Personally, I have always left palm itches to money! About this and many others please read below.

On the street and in institutions

A note that you noticed on the street, definitely need to raise. Otherwise you show contempt for money.

The coin is lying heads up, bring money and eagle down – pushes. In the first case, raise the coin and the second Express.

Don’t raise the money, which lie at the intersection. Will have to spend a lot on health.

The money you give on tips, come back in threefold. (Perhaps this sign was up with the waiter, but why not check it out for yourself?)


Dining table is a symbol of prosperity. Don’t sit on it, otherwise the money will bypass you party.

The house had money, put some coins under the table cloth.

Do not put the purse on the dining room table and bed.

In the house there should be only one broom, otherwise the money will quickly disappear. He should stand wide end up.

During the feast, the woman in the least clink glasses with a stranger. And the man is with a woman. Then they will always be good money.

Never throw coins. Keep them in the Bank, in your wallet or in a secret drawer.

The money kept in the home, regularly counts. Unroll gently and stroking bill.

Before you start to collect the money, be clear on what they will do. But never save something for a rainy day. Save up with positive thoughts. Then fortune will come!

The spiders are a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Wound up Spidey? Expect profits! And do not try to kill him.

Whistling indoors is the loss of significant sums of money.

Don’t let the debt of bread and salt. It is believed that with these products from home the money and well-being.

Do not harvest after sunset.

Do not leave the money and keys on the table.

Do not put on the floor, a bag in which the money is. Otherwise they will run away from you.

Who leaves a knife in a loaf of bread, waiting for poverty.

Who throws bread, waiting for financial distress.

Do not throw garbage out the window – it is believed that because the money fly away from home.

The aquarium attracts money. But water should always be clean.

Refit the valves, along with leaking water, and leave the money. (Literally too!)


Money love the red color and natural materials. Buy red purse made of leather.

Not worth every penny. An empty wallet attracts poverty, after shopping leave at least one paper bill and a few coins.

Bills of different denominations store in different departments of the wallet.

Do not store long dirty, creased or torn bills.

Old wallets do not discard.

Keep the money, so that the figures looked to one side.

In a secret division of the purse store two-dollar bill. Or a bill with the number 5.

Do not store in wallet much stuff. Can get rid of it on Sunday by charity.

Love money account, but do not count the money in the evening after sunset. This will lead to failure.

Never show money in your wallet.

Natural symbols money tree, leather and fur. Put it in your purse wooden or leather amulet. And the keys hang fur keychain.

Common signs

The money was delayed in the house on the day of the salary can not spend a single penny. Amount received should stay home.

The store did not give and do not take money from hand to hand. Along with the money can be transferred to energy of another person, which is not always favorable. Return unnecessary, if the seller cheated.

Never show off new things – otherwise the money will go from you.

Never look into the eyes of the man who give alms.

Holes in pockets must be sewn. Otherwise, after they “go away” money.

To attract money, wear expensive jewelry. They symbolize wealth. And under any circumstances don’t let you measure or wear your jewels to someone else.

To cut their hair myself. Otherwise, you’ll cut a good financial opportunity.

Itchy left palm – money, right – spending.

Meeting with a fireman or a policeman – it is a loss. With a Navy officer or a pregnant woman – profits.

Never judge, do not envy those who have more money than you have. This leads to even greater financial hardship.

Приметы, которые затащат деньги в ваш кошелек

Приметы, которые затащат деньги в ваш кошелек

Приметы, которые затащат деньги в ваш кошелек