Silence or headphones: the Committee supported the bill to ban loudspeakers in transport

Тишина или наушники: Комитет поддержал законопроект о запрете акустики в транспорте

In the near future, according to a new decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, public transport will become quiet.

At a recent meeting, the parliamentary Committee on transport and infrastructure, spoke in support of the bill “On the prohibition of acoustic violence on public transport”. Information was shared by MP Volodymyr viatrovych on his official page in social networks.

“This bill was proposed by the society. Accordingly, we – 15 deputies from different factions, could not ignore and made. The bill will help protect public transport passengers from the annoying music.”

Now, the bill will consider at the plenary session and put to a vote. If the law is adopted, Ukraine will have a legitimate reason to go in the bus without music or use headphones.

Netizens commented on the information published viatrovych. Most users are very pleased with the initiative and support the bill.