Simferopol athletes became winners of all-Russian project “1000 talents”

Симферопольские легкоатлеты стали лауреатами всероссийского проекта «1000 талантов»

The five strongest athletes of the Crimean capital became winners of the project of the all-Russian athletics Federation “1000 talents”. About this report the head of Department of youth, sport and tourism of a city administration of Simferopol Alexander lupasco, the press service of the city administration of Simferopol.

The awarding ceremony was held in Simferopol on the athletics arena named Titus Korneva faculty of physical culture and sport, Tavrida national University Crimean Federal University named after V. I. Vernadsky.

“For high sports results athletes awarded gold, silver and bronze prize-winners of all-Russian, interregional and national competitions. Denis Khimich, Irina Shevchuk (candidate master of sports), Ayder Asanov, Karina is Polish and Anna Mulyar,” said lupasco.

BACKGROUND: the aim of the project the all-Russian athletics Federation “1000 talents” – the expansion of the pool of athletes that are of interest for the formation of national teams of Russia on track and field athletics, and also assisting in the encouragement of coaches working with young athletes. This objective is solved by a roster of athletes demonstrating high sports results for the appropriate age. The register is formed by the presentation of the athletics of constituent entities of the Russian Federation, published on the official website of wfla and is the Main trainer’s Council of Russian national teams.