Simple ways to lose weight

Простые способы похудения

Doctors told how you can lose weight by resorting to simple methods of dumping excess weight. Writes referring to Chronicle info.

As noted by experts, is good enough on the human body impact cardio. If you try to remove the fat from the stomach, resort to the swing press. However, this technique is effective if you have quite a bit of extra pounds. Otherwise, better to turn to healthy eating. Forget about fast food, processed foods, sweets and other things. Instead, they enter into your diet fresh vegetables and fruits, buckwheat, oatmeal, barley porridge, seafood, and greens. This is a very tasty and healthy.

A major role played by and how many times a day you eat. As you know, nutritionists recommend eating no less than 3-5 times a day. The person is obliged to have Breakfast, lunch and dinner. If necessary, you can add a few snacks. Do not forget to control how much you eat. So many dieters adhere to the rules of the “five spoons”. But it is not always correct. It all depends on the caloric content of food, your age and weight parameters and metabolic rate.