Since childhood wanted to become izvestnoi?: Regina todorenko made the confession on the day of his 30th birthday

С детства хотела стать известнои?: Регина Тодоренко сделала признание в день своего 30-летия

In its anniversary presenter shared their successes and lessons learned

This Sunday, June 14, his birthday, says a popular TV presenter Regina todorenko – she was 30 years old. On this occasion, she made several insightful publications in Instagtam, which summed up the past years.

The media personality posted a fresh cover of a glossy magazine Marie Claire, which she adorned. In the photo, Regina etched in a black shirt and a serious expression – because the room is dedicated to the topic of domestic violence.

Todorenko admitted that he always wanted to be famous, and this really helped her family.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Long live the 30) I grew up in a family where they believed in me. Happened, I took the 25th place in the tournament in ballroom dancing, but my mom told me that I am the best and I will succeed. Once I fell, tore the white patterned tights, my knee. Mom picked me up and said, “Vstavai?, all is well, no time to cry, we must go further”.

Since childhood I wanted to be izvestnoi? and, despite all obstacles, and they were many – the girl from the village Kotovskogo, a suburb of Odessa, no one was waiting with open arms to the world of TV and showbiz. But I knew that I can, it all depends on me. I grew up with plants “all in my hands” and “no time for tears, you need to go forward.” There’s no other way. Thank you for this mother and all women in our family who taught us to rise after falling” – shared host.

It has affected and the scandal of domestic violence, which not so long ago catered to because of his careless statements. After that, Regina began to help battered women and made a film on this subject. The star admitted that he learned from this situation, important lessons, and learned to admit their mistakes.

“In an interview a while ago, I condemned a girl who didn’t do anything to avoid violence. Subsequently, after a wave of persecution and hatred, I have faced violence. I realized that my position (“it’s your own fault what did you do…”) does not help the neck? ti out. Definitely no such thing as “deserve violence”. I wanted to understand the issue of domestic violence, turned to Anna’s Revino?, the head of the center “of Violence. no,” and representatives of other funds. Learned that it’s more complicated than I thought. I realized, with some condemning society and loved ones are faced girls, as they themselves are blame for what happened, they are ashamed and hurt, and most importantly – how desperately women need help and protection, which so often find. Detail about all my findings and the scale of the issue of domestic violence I was told in the film: “what did I do to help?” on my YouTube channel.

This film has the answers to many questions, but perhaps the most important thing I took away from it? situation, is understanding that we are all much more fragile than we think (not all depends on us), and distribution? to solve problems we are in dire need of assistance. Only vzaimnoi? podderjkoi? we can solve the problem, then how word of condemnation of their only exacerbate.

All that I have experienced” – Frank wrote Todorenko.

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According to the leader, this story helped her to grow up.

“Without the help of their family and friends? even I, such a “strong”, would not be able to recover. Today I will be 30 years. The girl, who broke the white patterned tights on the knee, became large?. But vzrosloi? it was that day when they learned to admit their mistakes and move on. Yes, I still think that “no time to cry”, go ahead and glad that, thanks to error, I still managed to draw attention to the problem and to be poleznoe?. Someone from the great said that the error – this science that will help to move forward. I will continue to help those in need. Not words, but the real deal. Take care of each other,” said Regina.

A celebrity thanked all for the congratulations and asked for as a gift to help victims of domestic violence to girls.

“Native, thank you for the congratulations! 30 is the new? stage that? I want to live? richer still? more beautiful still? effectively! Now, I know that many of you wanted to congratulate me personally, but today the best present for me will be to help the injured girl! Nebolshoi? father? t: the funds that I transferred has already been spent on agree? d applications and the creation of trevozhnoy? button. But after the release of my film Fund are treated 6 times more, respectively, and need more help. Let’s? they support each other. Today you will help and tomorrow will help you!” said the birthday girl.

Previously, Regina todorenko aptly spoke about the oppressive stereotypes associated with age.

С детства хотела стать известнои?: Регина Тодоренко сделала признание в день своего 30-летия

С детства хотела стать известнои?: Регина Тодоренко сделала признание в день своего 30-летия

С детства хотела стать известнои?: Регина Тодоренко сделала признание в день своего 30-летия