Singer Billy Iles: who is it and what her new album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go

Певица Билли Айлиш: кто это и о чем ее новый альбом When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go

Young American performer Billy Iles gained great popularity in 2018. Today her songs listened to by millions of fans and new album of When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go already blew up the world charts and music services.

Who is Billy Ailes?

17-year-old girl was born in Los Angeles in a family of musicians with Irish and Scottish roots. Through home education and musical education, the girl childhood was all for bystrogo the beginning of his musical career. In 11 years she began to write own songs.

In addition to vocals, Billy Iles intensively involved in dance, but after many years of training in 2016 she was seriously injured and permanently said goodbye to the choreography. I should add that she also suffered from Tourette’s syndrome (a disorder of the Central nervous system), however, at the moment, got rid of it. So she had more time for music and in 2015 for his brother, who by that time had already had his own band, she recorded a hit called Ocean Eyes.

Billy Iles – Ocean Eyes: watch videos online

In August 2017 the girl had released her own debut mini-album, Do not Smile at Me, after which Apple called Ailes “artist UpNext” from Apple Music. This was due to the fact that even before the release of her album more than 800 thousand users of the service have added it in library.

However, the success of her previous songs, and debut Ocean Eyes, caught up with her in early 2018. By February of that year the single was attended by more than 35 million times only on one music service Spotify.

New album Billy Iles

In January 2019, the year Billy Ailes called one of the most promising stars this year at the BBC Music. Therefore, the young actress did not hesitate to release new hits and recently released a new album titled When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go. It includes 14 new songs, which was waiting for all teenagers in the world and they can already be heard on the Apple Music March 29.

When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go songs:

Billy Iles – bad guy: watch videos online

Billy Iles – xanny: watch videos online

Billy Ilich – all the good girls go to hell: watch videos online

Billy Iles – my strange addiction: watch videos online

Billy Eilish – i love you: watch videos online

We tried to make each song sounded completely different. If you put fourteen people with different tastes in one room and turn on my album, I want each liked at least one track,
– explained the release of new songs in his album Billy Iles.

Critics point out that it is difficult to say what genre works Billy Ailes, because her songs do not fall under the category of pop and indie, and even in electronics. Her style of clothing and feeding your own music different from other young singers, because she is not afraid to voice critical topics to create videos in the format of horror movies and to wear bright and unusual clothing.