Singer Kamaliya became the victim of a robbery in Italy: details

Певица Камалия стала жертвой ограбления в Италии: детали

Popular Ukrainian singer Kamaliya and her husband-millionaire Mohammad Zahoor daughters went to 8-day cruise vacation on the ship. However, during the visit of the famous couple became the victims of a robbery.

As told by Kamaliya on the network, the rest they have planned for the school holidays daughters, Arabella and Mirabella. For girls their stellar parents decided to organize a trip to Rome on the ship MSC SeaView. During the trip, a luxury liner on the family Kamaliya waited for entertainment and excursions in Cannes, Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Corsica and Florence. However, the vacation turned out for couples in trouble.

On arrival in Rome from Kamaliya has stolen the backpack, which was all the documents. It happened at the airport, so to get on the ship the singer and her family failed.

“We arrived in Rome on may 1 and went into the hall to meet. The driver from cruise company have not yet been. Zahoor with Arabella went to buy water, and I was left with all the things. Someone suddenly tapped me on the shoulder and in broken French, asked for directions to the departure lounge. At this point, his accomplice took a backpack of Zahoor of one of the trucks (I learned this later). A few minutes after this I was approached by a representative of the MSC, and there was a man with a daughter. We were going to have to push our trucks, when Zahoor discovered the loss of the backpack with all the documents,” said Kamaliya.

The actress admitted that at once addressed in militia, however, “thought that they were a part of this farce.” Italian police said that surveillance cameras must record the time of the theft, so criminals will be looking for. But for Kamaliya and her husband and children were given a certificate of loss of documents.

Did not even bother to go to the crime scene! Just gave us a certificate confirming that the theft occurred, and without hesitation said that we just didn’t bother. Saying that they with us will be released as soon as you find something. On our request they confirmed that the area has video surveillance system,
– shared Kamaliya.

Helped the singer to receive documents of the Ukrainian diplomats in Italy. In Kamaliya Embassy issued an emergency passport in only 30 minutes so she could return to Kiev. But the millionaire Mohammad Zahoor daughters three times appealed to the British Embassy to get temporary documents.

But this adventure stars did not end there: she Mirabella ill. Italian doctors quickly provided assistance to the Ukrainians, and Diana happily said that now is in Kiev and happy to be back home.