Singer Kishe got in an accident: no injuries – photos

Певец Kishe попал в ДТП: никто не пострадал – фото

Popular Ukrainian singer Kishe (real name – Andrew Kish) was involved in an accident in Kiev. As a result of collision the actor was not injured.

The accident occurred on the evening of 3 April, on the Boulevard of Friendship of peoples. According to representatives of Kishe, the incident happened very suddenly, so he was unable to avoid an accident. When I was trying to avoid a head-on collision of two cars.

Ordinary, even banal accident. During the rebuild of the road from one row to another, the driver of the car ahead braked sharply. It was decided to turn to the right and save the situation, to avoid a head-on collision. No one was hurt physically, suffered only cars that are insured. Ongoing settlement of the question of material compensation,
– said in exclusive comments LifeStyle 24 the representative of Kishe.

During a collision, a popular actor hurried with a speech at a meeting with an insurance agent to take care of the relevant documents for your car and wife. If Kishe not turned the wheel right, the car, the cost of which reaches 150 thousand dollars, would have significantly more damage.

“He’s a driver with experience of 20 years. Andrew first tried to brake, but the distance was too small. It is the fault of the driver, Andrei, because he didn’t keep distance… He managed to save the car from major damage and triggering of the airbags,” – said the representative of Kishe.

Певец Kishe попал в ДТП: никто не пострадал – фото

Singer Kishe accident / Explorer

Певец Kishe попал в ДТП: никто не пострадал – фото

Accident involving Kishe / Explorer

The stretch of road where the accident occurred, is very poor. Even at the time of registration of the accident there has been another collision. According to the representative of Kishe, it is caused by a large number of billboards that often distract drivers from the road. So often, the car abruptly stopped near the traffic lights.

In this segment of the accidents happen daily and sometimes several times a day. There should be speed limits and fewer ads,
he said.

It should be noted that this is not the first accident involving Andrew Kish, which occurred in the last 2 months. The actor said that near the station in his car were slashed all the tires. And recently the team Kishe appealed to all drivers to be correct: during his performances of his parked car damaged, and the perpetrator left no data for a compensation payment.

“After returning from a tour, this situation has repeated Andrey. Close to the train station was damaged all wheels, the car then evacuated. We understand that there are fans or “fans”. The second case was similar to the ordinary negligence of another driver,” shared the actor.

The life of Andrew Kish is not threatened, and the car is repairable. Therefore, the representatives of Kishe appealed to the singer’s fans not to raise panic in the network. Sam Andrew Kish plans to get behind the wheel of an SUV and will not seek the assistance of a private driver, who is in command of the artist.