Singer Maksim got into a serious accident

Певица МакSим попала в серьезную аварию

Marina Abrosimova escaped with bruises and hematomas.

Singer Marina Abrosimova, otherwise known as Mack, was an accident. Pictures where the girl’s body covered with bruises, appeared in Instagram the official representative of the actress Margarita Sokolova.

The images show that Maksim received serious bruises covering her legs, arms, face. According to Sokolova, all the worst is behind us, and the situation is kept under control.

The incident happened with the actress as she headed to the airport for a flight to Moscow to star in a new music video. It is now evident that the plans of the singer postponed for some time.

It is known that the next concerts of Maksim, will now take place only at the end of may and in June. The girl needs rest and time to recover.

Fans of the singer are concerned about its external and psychological state. recalled that recently, Internet users were actively discussing the concert artist in Sterlitamak. Many spectators who visited the event, said “wrinkled” and painful as Maksim.

Some even suggested that such a state of the singer can be due to alcohol abuse. However, it later emerged that in fact the singer leads a healthy lifestyle, but is having problems with the blood vessels of the head. This is due to the load that Maxim carries during big concerts.

Певица МакSим попала в серьезную аварию

Певица МакSим попала в серьезную аварию