Single again: a member of the group “Neangely” told about personal

One of the stars of the popular group “Neangely” Victoria (real name Ekaterina Smouha) admitted that only in search of true love. This spring she reported that happy in the relationship and even ready for the wedding. However, apparently, love has not passed the test of strength.

About their previous relationships, the star is not told. She reiterated that the happiness love peace. Such a conclusion, the singer did after the betrayal of the groom stuntman Ivan Strizhakova, who shortly after the proposal had an affair with another.

After this painful break-up Victoria’s not advertise personal life, but this year was in a relationship. She did not mention the name of the elect, but convinced that he has nothing to show business.

Their long friendship blossomed into love, which the singer carefully guarded from prying eyes. About six months ago, she expressed the hope that soon their relationship will move to a new stage.

However, this did not happen and after the great concert of group “Neangely” in the Palace of Ukraine girl has made a stunning confession to reporters “Star trek.”

I believe, I hope. Just today I’m alone at home. And my heart is open. I hope still I will find harmony, happiness, which he dreamed all his life,
– says Victoria.

Recall that another member of the popular group Thank Kaminska officially divorced with her husband Edgar in early July of this year. As she says, the celebrity, the cause of the rupture was the intervention of the parents of the pair in their personal life. Glory was disappointed in the man who did not support wife in family disputes.