Single Board PC, review-description

Одноплатные ПК, обзор-описание

Currently, are regularly elaborated and published in new computer devices, their sizes tend to decrease, and productivity is increased. To perform certain work, are not always required bulky desktop PCs or laptops, occasionally, a miniature single-Board computer the size of a credit card.

What are the possible features of the structure of these PC and other details read below.

Single Board computers, General information, structure

Single Board computers are computers that are collected on the basis of one Board. This PC also includes:

• RAM;

• Network modules;

• The microprocessor;

• Connectors for external devices.

Consider a PC sold ready to use or in kit form for Assembly by yourself.

Many popular models have additional detail and/or design, such as:

• Temperature sensor;

• The light sensor;

• Compact lead, the scoreboard information and more.

Consider the performance of computers is quite low, however, has its own advantages:

• Small size;

• Low weight;

• Low level of energy consumption.

Main functions of single Board PC

Consider compact computers are used most often as:

1. Small media centre in the home: this system has HDMI and DSI connectors, which can be connected to the display, TV and audio output. Through this device you can view movies and/or TV series and enjoy your favorite music.

2. Station, through which is made the jump and distributing files in a peer to peer network.

1. Gaming consoles if you use the system to start from the old console. Version games of recent years, most likely will not start, but for the rest, the power would be sufficient.

In addition, a PC of this type is possible to install operating systems such as Android or Linux special, it will make the computer more valuable and functional. And scope here depends largely on your needs and skills.

This is only a small number of examples for the application of single component computers users. Areas where possible to use single-label computer great many that are only limited goals and capabilities, knowledge of the user.

The most popular model single Board PC

The most common model of Raspberry Pi computers is considered. This model was created for use on the Informatics lessons in schools and Universities. The first modification was introduced in 2012.

Later, the device began to be used by engineers and self-taught designers, based on it were created:

• Weather stations;

• Wireless access points;

• Cameras and stuff.

Key features of the latest models of raspberry:

• RAM 512 MB;

• 64-bit processor;

• The MicroSD Slot;

• Bluetooth 4.2;

• Ability to connect to Wi-Fi.

The downside is the lack of sockets for connecting to the Internet.

There is a Chinese equivalent of the Raspberry Pi – Banana Pi, which released in 2014. More parts are interchangeable with the Raspberry and use is possible without additional modification.

The differences between the “banana” from Malinki:

• The presence of an Ethernet socket;

• Module eMMC up to 64GB;

• 4 USB ports;

• Weight and dimensions less.


Compact single-Board PC universal, however, is not suitable for every user.

The considered PC is not suitable for:

• Processing of video and images;

• Hashing;

• Users that have never used Linux.

Will be interesting to:

• Programmers are self-taught;

• Engineers and experimenters.

In any case, you decide, good luck!

Одноплатные ПК, обзор-описание

Одноплатные ПК, обзор-описание

Одноплатные ПК, обзор-описание

Одноплатные ПК, обзор-описание