Sins will not disappear: PCU debunked the biggest myth of Baptism

Грехи никуда не денутся: ПЦУ развенчала самый большой миф Крещения

Ukrainian Orthodox Church said that water Baptism washes away sins.

This information appeared on the page of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine in Facebook.

The Church is urged to understand and comprehended the essence of the Christian holiday, and not to confuse it with tradition, fashion or superstition.

It is worth noting that over the past year during or after Baptism a great number of people like mass diving and swimming in the rivers, with the aim to wash away your sins in the consecrated water. Because on this day all water is considered sanctified.

The Orthodox Church argues that this “rite” is in no way washes away the sins from the soul and does not lead to mental purification. No provisions to this effect in the Church and there was not, as reported by the researchers.

In day 19 of January it is customary to celebrate one of the great feasts – the Baptism of our Lord and Savior in the Jordan river. This holiday is made special the Rite of consecration of water is called agiasma. In Greek this word means sacred. It is therefore necessary to apply water with a special Holiness and respect.

Before consecrated water was kept near the icons and cherished every drop. Used it only in very rare and extreme cases.

As for swimming, the Ukrainian ethnographers have not been recorded in the past centuries such mass traditions. Especially with no clothes on and not always in a sober state, and after this event, the loud festivities.

In the Orthodox Church is misleading and that there is no need to stock a huge amount of water. As we can see, some people come with a jar, and the other with huge cans. The important thing is not the amount of dishes, but the heart that should be empty, to become sanctified.

At the same time, the Church does not forbid to dive or to swim in the winter water, because each person chooses what to do. The most important thing not to turn this event into a magical ritual that ends with booze, celebration, or is the condemnation of one’s neighbor. There must be a Holiness in such a great holiday.

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Грехи никуда не денутся: ПЦУ развенчала самый большой миф Крещения

Грехи никуда не денутся: ПЦУ развенчала самый большой миф Крещения