Sister Kobzon about the information on it with a comma: Called relatives – they lost consciousness – 24 Channel

Сестра Кобзона про інформацію щодо його коми: Телефонувала родичам – вони непритомніли   - 24 Канал

Sister of national artist of the USSR Joseph Kobzon convinces that her brother is now on a planned treatment, however, it was all right: sits and drinks coffee.

On the eve of the information appeared that popular Soviet and Russian singer Iosif Kobzon hospitalized in serious condition. Subsequently, several media outlets reported that his condition significantly worsened and he slipped into a coma.

However, sister Kobzon and Gelena Kandel in the comments advocacy resource RT denied all the aforesaid allegations and called them a mockery.

“Joseph Davydovich, all is well, sitting drinking coffee with Nellie’s mother (the wife of the executor – 24 channel) and a nurse. How can you over him so make fun of our relatives? I called all the relatives, because they just lost consciousness”, says the woman.

However, she added that her brother now is on the planned treatment.

“Man – for planned treatment. He belongs to this treatment, given his illness… He has a right to their personal space. You can write about his works, but to give him his health is just not right. It’s not empathy. It’s murder. And if he used the Internet?” – outraged Helen Kandel.

Recall that in mid-June, the media reported on the hospitalization of Joseph Kobzon. The press Secretary of the artist stressed that the “unhealthy”, but what hurts, is still unknown.

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