Sister Sentsov responded to information about a possible release of Director – 24 Channel

Сестра Сенцова відреагувала на інформацію про можливе звільнення режисера - 24 Канал

On the night of August 12 appeared information about the fact that the plane supposedly from Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsova took off from Salekhard and possibly heading to Ukraine. The sister of prisoner of the Kremlin Natalia Kaplan as at 01:35 am not ready to confirm this information.

About Kaplan wrote on his page in Facebook.

“At the moment I can neither confirm nor deny the information about the resignation of Oleg from Labytnangi. Don’t call, please, all at once,” wrote sister Sentsov.

At the same time, the lawyer Dmitry Sentsov DNSe posted himself video man who dances in the comments to the post it is asked, whether it is connected live with the possible dismissal of Ukrainian film Director, but as of 2:20, the lawyer said nothing.

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