“Sit, ****, home”: Samuel L. Jackson read a poem about the coronavirus

«Сиди, ****, дома»: Сэмьюэл Л. Джексон прочитал поэму о коронавирусе

In the next edition of the Jimmy Kimmel show remote broadcast guest, actor Samuel L. Jackson read to the audience a poetic bedtime story called “Sit, ****, home.” As you can guess from the title, for the credibility of Jackson arched his poetic message of strong expressions that the audience could not doubt its correctness. Those who have not yet managed to master English at quarantine, a Movie Theater.Ru offers a free, but very close in meaning translation of a fairy tale.

Crown everywhere is not funny,

To work and hang around, guys, it is a sin.

The only way to fight evil

Sit **** houses, not to be mu****m.

I’m not a sink and not Aibolit

But maybe my poem will convince you.

Sam *** Johnson asks you:

Sidi, ****, home for me.

If you want to return all back,

Think of the head and about the fear forget

Often my hands and face don’t grab

And his house, ****, don’t leave.

No time to play with fate, with**** son

You’re not in a casino, and in General – not one.

Sidi, ****, home, sprawley birthday,

The name is now yours is Tarantino.

Of course with friends you can hang out,

Simply mobile enable

But not yet dried buckwheat tea,

Sidi, ****, at home, and you don’t stop.

Thank you for contributing to the slowdown

Curve that brings patients to the churchyard,

Sit at home and don’t worry,

Go ****, sleep, bye-bye.

«Сиди, ****, дома»: Сэмьюэл Л. Джексон прочитал поэму о коронавирусе