Sitting over the corpse of the daughter for several hours: the shocking details of the massacre of the child

Сидели над трупом дочери несколько часов: шокирующие подробности расправы над ребенком

Kupyansk district court put the point in a grief-parents who tortured a three year old daughter to death. The Prosecutor’s office of Kharkiv region reported that on the day the indictment was submitted to the judges.

The tragedy occurred in September 2018 in Kivsharivka village of Kupyansky district – where, for unknown reasons, died three year old girl. The mother informed the police that the child choked on an Apple, but on the body of the baby found evidence of systematic beatings.

“According to conclusions of experts, the death was caused opened cherepno-a brain trauma, hemorrhage, and brain edema. Also on the body and face of the deceased were found numerous abrasions and bruises. It speaks of the abuse of a child”, – noted in Prosecutor’s office.

Often have a hand in the education of the little daughter 40-year-old stepfather. The last time in her life, he beat baby 24 September 2018, after which she died of multiple serious injuries.

A few hours mother and stepfather deliberately did not call an ambulance, thinking how to give the incident an accident.

After a long investigation and court proceedings, under the article “torture and the intentional infliction of death to a young child” the 30-year-old mother and her roommate face life imprisonment.