Sivoho upset. Called the decision Zelensky in Minsk “strange gestures”

Сивохо огорчен. Назвал решение Зеленского по Минску "непонятными телодвижениями"

09.06.2020, 22:38


Ex-producer of the Quarter-95 and former external adviser to the Secretary of the NSDC believes that the decision of the President supposedly alienate Ukraine from the world

Former freelance adviser to the national security Council Secretary Sergey Sivoho called “strange movements” that supposedly alienates Ukraine from the world introduction to the process of negotiations on the Donbass in the framework of the trilateral contact group four of internally displaced persons from the region.

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“We are further away from the world… Again, strange movements, and very clear for the people in the pipeline. It seems that no one is going to agree. We are increasingly clogged in a remote and dark corner. From there we are sure no one will hear. And the TAG is just beautiful three letters,” wrote Sivoho.

Today, as part of TKG started working journalist Serhiy Garmash, blogger Denis Kazanskiy, a trauma surgeon Konstantin Libster and lawyer, head of the NGO “Luhansk region” Vadim Goran. They must submit ORDO in contrast to members of terrorist organizations LNR and LNR, the Russian citizens, which as residents of Donbass, now invites the Russian side.

Four representatives ORDO seized in the Office of the President. According to first Deputy head of the Ukrainian delegation to TAG Alexei Reznikov, President Vladimir Zelensky personally endorsed candidates.

  • 21 Oct 2019 ex-producer of the Quarter-95, comedian Sergei Sivoho became an adviser to the Secretary of the NSDC of Daniel: he was responsible for humanitarian policy, “work with people and meanings.”
  • 12 Mar 2020 Sivoho organized a presentation of the “National reconciliation platform”, which called the war in the Donbass “internal conflict”. The presentation was disrupted.
  • On 30 March it became known that Sivoho no longer the adviser to the Secretary of the NSDC.

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