Six heavy elections: how Ukrainians choose presidents

Шесть тяжелых выборов: как украинцы выбирали президентов

In 2019, the Ukrainians for the seventh time the President is chosen. Over 27 years of independent Ukraine we had and early and early elections of the leader of the country. Why, how and whom Ukrainians chose to lead Ukraine read in the material 24 of the channel.

Elections of the President of Ukraine in 1991, Kravchuk and cascade

In the first elections of Ukraine in the political clash, Communist Leonid Kravchuk and the Ukrainian national Democrats. With an advantage of about 40% Communist Kravchuk wins dissident Vyacheslav Chornovil.

First, the majority of voters still do in the shower was the Soviet Communists. Second, the Democrats who fought for independence, for the first time stepped on a rake, which then became still again. The reason for his defeat was aware of the cascade.

“He told me that for him it was a big shock when he found out that Yukhnovsky and Lukyanenko standing. He said: “I don’t understand what are they doing? It is quite obvious that they did not gain votes, and we don’t give a single powerful signal for whom to vote,” said political analyst Viktor Taran.

His presidency is remembered first attempts at reform, galloping inflation, shortage of goods and miners strikes due to wage arrears. The miners demanded not only money, but also a referendum about separation. To appease them, announced the re-election of the President.

Presidential elections in Ukraine 1994 Kravchuk and Kuchma

In 1994 against Leonid Kravchuk left the former Prime Minister and former “red” Director Leonid Kuchma. He lost in eloquence, but hit ability to hit his fist on the table. Kravchuk was supported by Western Ukraine, Kuchma – East and Russia.

The first term of Kuchma was marked by the signature on the Budapest Memorandum and giving up nuclear status. The era of stop and privatization of factories and the birth of the oligarchs.

In June 1996, Kuchma deputies shut down for the night in Parliament and not released until they adopted the first Constitution of Ukraine.

Elections of the President of Ukraine 1999: Kuchma and Symonenko

In 1999, the third presidential election for the first time the Ukrainians have to choose from two evils the lesser. On the eve of Kuchma’s second term – it was a very different Kuchma authoritarian and with the support of only 5%.

On the eve of elections was tragically and mysteriously killed Vyacheslav Chornovil. And the main rival , Leonid Kuchma became the Communist Petro Symonenko.

“Kuchma, who makes a full-out sweep, becoming the only President for the second time. Ukrainians decide: it is better for Ukraine oligarchic than to go back to Ukraine a Communist. That is, the Ukrainians had to choose between two evils” – recalled the expert policy Alexander Solontay.

In the first year of the second presidency of Leonid Kuchma, the country witnesses the sordid story of the assassination of famous political journalist Georgy Gongadze.

Election of President of Ukraine 2004: Yushchenko and Yanukovych

In 2004, took place the most dramatic elections. A protege of Kuchma, a former zavgar and Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich won by massive fraud and bribery. And received the Orange revolution.

Under pressure of the Ukrainians, the court annulled the voting results and announced a new second round. The Ukrainians said “Yes” to the former head of the national Bank Viktor Yushchenko.

Presidential elections 2010: Yanukovych and Tymoshenko

2010 – a stage drama revenge Yanukovych against Tymoshenko. Prime “breathe” in the nape of the ex-Premier. But the orange camp was discord. And a few hundred thousand votes it eats column “against all”.

The difference between the candidates is only 3.5%. Almost 49% of the votes wins Yanukovych.

Presidential elections in Ukraine 2014: Poroshenko and Tymoshenko

Hostage is the whole country. The plunder of the economy and crackdown have become so daring that Viktor Yanukovych will be held in the chair only four years. In 2014, there were bloody events in the history of Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity.

Yanukovych became the first President who is deprived of this title and tried for treason.

The fifth time the country is with the President when Russia wins the Crimea and the Donbass, the war begins. And Ukrainians have to first choose the commander, not as a formality.

Elections pass in one round. Became President Petro Poroshenko, and Yulia Tymoshenko by a substantial margin lost.

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Шесть тяжелых выборов: как украинцы выбирали президентов

Шесть тяжелых выборов: как украинцы выбирали президентов

Шесть тяжелых выборов: как украинцы выбирали президентов

Шесть тяжелых выборов: как украинцы выбирали президентов

Шесть тяжелых выборов: как украинцы выбирали президентов

Шесть тяжелых выборов: как украинцы выбирали президентов

Шесть тяжелых выборов: как украинцы выбирали президентов