Six reasons to start drinking kefir every day

Шесть причин начать пить кефир каждый день

Habit to eat a Cup of yogurt a day helps to improve many health indicators.

Strengthens the immune system. Kefir refers to the group of probiotics products, which contain in their composition of non-pathogenic, that is, harmless, microbes that have a positive effect on the human body from the inside. In particular, contained in the kefir polysaccharide of kefir fungus, promotes protective immunity, has antimicrobial activity.

Stimulates digestion. Kefir is recommended to drink patients after antibiotic treatment and of disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. It is not in vain. This product is a reliable helper in the recovery of the intestinal microflora. Eating a Cup of yogurt a day can significantly improve your digestion – it will be due to the fact that in the intestine due to the yogurt will increase the number of beneficial bacteria.

Contributes to weight loss. Kefir is well suited for consumption for dinner. It contains protein that will not develop hunger, and also present peptides which promote the breakdown of fatty acids and reduce the volume of the body.

Protects against hypertension. The polysaccharide in the composition of kefir helps to reduce blood pressure and serum cholesterol.

It rejuvenates the skin. Due to the ability of yogurt to restore the intestinal microflora, there is a very pleasant “side effect” – improves the condition of facial skin. It becomes more protected from lesions, improves its color and elasticity – visually it makes you feel younger.

Soothing. Yogurt contains the amino acid tryptophan, which is a source of “pleasure hormone”. Drink it daily to the nervous system relaxed and was better protected from the everyday stress.