Six-wheeled trailer from the motorist

Шестиколесный трейлер от автолюбителя

In the 1970s, the company created its own GMC motorhome called the Motorhome. This new product went on the market for six years, from 1972 to 1978. Robert Nuccio decided to take this car for a basis to create your own project. GMC Motorhome received the new suspension and chassis, which increases clearance. As the car made a powerful V8, the torque of which amounts to 1070 Nm.

In addition to all this, got a huge Motorhome wheels, which greatly improve the appearance of the car. It also has a front winch, weighing 11 339 kg, rear weight reaches 1 kg. 133 a Third winch is used for lowering to the ground 226-pound rear wheel.

For twelve years Robert Nuccio improving their offspring. He believes the project is absolutely incomplete. Though technical work carried out in full swing, the exterior of the car is in the development stage.

When the work is completed, the Creator is planning to go on a cruise in the United States and Canada.

Шестиколесный трейлер от автолюбителя