Size also matters: five best cars for doing sex

Размер тоже имеет значение: пять лучших авто для занятий интимом

Sexologists believe that sex in the car builds confidence in a pair and helps to make a variety of intimate life. If you want unusual sensations, you should listen to the recommendations of the sexologist Alexander Poleev, which made the top 5 most comfortable cars for lovemaking.

The main criterion was the size of the large saloon will allow you to turn, while in a small can and cripple. Thus, the first place went to the Russian KAMAZ. There definitely will be a place for a couple seeking adventure. In addition, the truck is high, which gives the opportunity to choose different geographical points without fear not to go anywhere or be seen by random passers-by.

Next in the ranking was cars Chevrolet and South Korea’s Hyundai and Daewoo. According to experts, sexual well suited to urban crossovers and SUVs these brands. Also in the top 5 vehicles to have sex, according to sexologist, it is necessary to include luxury cars – Maserati, Brabus and Mercedes-Benz.