SK: in the case of “mass riots” in Moscow detained five people

СК: по делу о "массовых беспорядках" в Москве задержаны пять человек

Russia’s investigative Committee announced the arrest of five suspects on criminal case about mass riots and attacks on police officers, which occurred, according to SK, on July 27 in Moscow at the opposition rally in support of independent candidates for the Moscow city Duma.

All investigators have established involvement in the riots more than ten people, said the Agency. The press service of the UK called the names of three of the detainees is Alex changers, Kirill Zhukov and Ivan Podkopaev, who has previously received ten days of administrative arrest for participation in the promotion. In the coming days the investigation will ask the courts to send all three to jail.

Earlier in the apartment of Alexei changers, who worked in the election headquarters of the lawyer of Fund of struggle against corruption Lyubov Sobol, was searched. After that he was questioned in the Investigative Committee. The head of the international human rights group “Agora” Pavel Chikov said that she was interrogated as a suspect in the organization, participation and calls for mass riots.

According to investigators, on 27 July the participants of the opposition rally in Moscow, “ignoring the legitimate demands of the authorities, in flagrant violation of public order, violence was used against law enforcement officers, broke through the cordon and paralysed vehicular traffic on the Garden ring in Moscow, and committed other illegal actions”. Also, according to SK, “the actions of the protesters were injured passers-by who were not taking part in it, as well as material injury to the property of citizens and organizations”.

According to human rights watch, July 27 the police and Regardie detained about 1,400 people. More than seventy protesters were injured. In the Internet posted a lot of videos where you can see how the protesters the police used brute force. More than twenty people were forced to seek medical help.

Human rights defenders also note that anything that would qualify the protests as “riots”, July 27th didn’t happen.