Skates for figure skating is an important tool for convenience and comfort

Коньки для фигурного катания - важный инструмент для удобства и комфорта

Among the many types of sports figure skating can be considered a very spectacular, beautiful and unique in its kind.

Among the many types of sports figure skating can be considered a very spectacular, beautiful and unique in its kind. Many can only guess how much work has been invested in a particular technique, how much time should be spent on training and learning different techniques. The basis of all this is a special figure skates, which is a key working tool.

To find your perfect skates you need to perform a lot of products to try on some models, as well as to seek help for various websites on the Internet. The quality of the equipment depends largely on convenience and safety.

The details of the choice of skates

Before to choose the necessary details to perform the key selection criteria.

  1. Material. Basically equipment are made of leather. This ensures durability, reliability and a natural stretch that will allow you to customize the skate to the size of the feet. Sometimes they are supplemented on the inside with fur, to be able to wear them with a thin sock. Cheaper models are made of artificial leather or suede.
  2. Blade. For the production of many models used stainless steel. Some manufacturers use chrome, carbon or alloy steel. Some manufacturers even offer a unique patented types of blades.
  3. The fastening system. Hooks definitely are complemented by a strong and reliable Shoe. With proper lacing can be reliably and firmly fix the leg.

A detailed study of all elements will allow you to find the link the perfect skates that will be a reliable escorts for athletes and fans of figure skating.

The differences between figure skates

The market offers several categories of skates:

  • a pleasure;
  • figure;
  • children sliding skates;
  • 2 in 1 – walking and skating.

Universal can consider figure skates, which also help to perform multiple tasks. They have a high boot that will ensure fixation of the tibia and excellent maneuverability. Picked up a special blade that glides perfectly on the ice and is as stable as possible to perform complex tricks and jumps.

Figure skates are often required to professionals who are engaged in the relevant sport. Beginners are also encouraged to purchase such a model that they once used to enjoy high-quality instruments.

How to care for skates

To ensure that the product lasts for one year, followed by necessary care. If there are no sessions, the blade should be stored in a dry place without the influence of water and moisture. After riding it, you need to wipe soft rags. During transport due to temperature changes may cause condensation. For this reason, it is recommended to use soft blade covers made of fabric.

Sharpening also plays a big role. It is advisable to sharpen the blade in the form of a groove. It is this technique allows you to create perfect maneuverability. The frequency of sharpening depends on several factors:

  • the intensity of the workouts;
  • the thoroughness and quality of care;
  • quality sharpening;
  • the condition of the ice;
  • the weight of the skater.

If the skates will break on turns and is also observed slippage during pushing away, so sharpening needs to be updated.

When buying new skates, they need to get used to the leg. They should be posted, because the skin is too hard and at first not recommended complex shapes. These rules will allow you to keep the skates in perfect condition for years to come.