Skelia the catacombs: travelers found the tunnel with stone furniture

Скельские катакомбы: путешественники нашли штольню с каменной мебелью

Travelers from Zaporizhia region showed catacombs of the abandoned tunnels in the village Scalici Vasilievsky district on the banks of the Kakhovka reservoir.

Your video published on the channel “adventures Adventure” on YouTube.

The first settlers found in skel’ky deposits of limestone, its strata still near the Kakhovka reservoir to form spectacular cliffs. The cliffs are riddled with tunnels [in them limestone was mined in 1949-1954], long buried, but still not give sleep to some extreme. And no wonder: the largest tunnel stretches 230 meters, and the width and height is such that it can easily take a truck. In the gully above the Kakhovsky reservoir in meadow green and hiding a dozen entrances to the cave rusnakova,” reads the description of the video.

The found in an abandoned tunnel stone “chairs” and “tables”. However, his followers are travelers advised not to go there without preparation and good equipment, as it is likely to get lost or caves can collapse.