Ski stopped and I flew face forward – athlete Pidruchny about the fatal fall

The only Ukrainian, speaking in the mass start at the stage of the biathlon world Cup in Annecy France, was Dmitry Pidruchny. However, the Ukrainian has acted extremely unsuccessfully.

In the end Pidruchny finished only 23rd. All due to the fall in the first round. In men, were detached to mount skis, and they were damaged. So he took the time to bring yourself back to normal.

“It’s hard to say exactly what happened on the first lap. On the descent began to rest on another athlete, took a step to the left and fell into the fresh snow. I just was thrown forward, the skis stopped and I flew the face. Still gave me a hard Austrian, pushed – just could not do anything and rushed forward. Fell from the top into the head of the rifle gave, I powderalso ski bindings. Do not understand what happened. Until he found the skis, put on – I don’t know how much time lost there, but I think a lot. Plus interrupted breathing, immediately start to ache, back, hands. The race went wrong”, – commented Dmitry Pidruchny.

To the honor of Dmitry should say that the first two shooting stages he overcame clean. In the first standing the Ukrainian has not closed one target. After the penalties, Dmitry went the distance 22.

Another mistake Dmitry made on the second rack was not able to fight for getting into the top 20. Pidruchny took 23rd place.

“Running was very hard. Tried for shooting to work, but unfortunately, I made those two mistakes at the front. Of course, better than before worked on the fire, but it’s hard to rally after falling and continue the race,” said Pidruchny.