Skoda has revealed the name of the new serial electric vehicle

Skoda раскрыла название нового серийного электромобиля

Czech automaker Skoda has revealed the title of his new electric car. New standard electric car company will be named Enyaq. It is reported by Ukrautoprom.

As explained by a Czech company, the model name comes from the Irish word “enya”, which means “source of life”. “Source of life” symbolizes the entry of the automaker into a new era of electromobility.

Note that Skoda Enyaq – the first serial car of the Czech brand, is based on a modular platform Volkswagen Group (MEB), as the following series of more than a dozen electric models that will be released under the brand Skoda iV to the end of 2022.

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By 2025, Skoda expects that all-electric models and hybrids with plug-in drives will be 25% of sales. Therefore, by 2021, the Czech manufacturer will invest EUR 2 billion in the development of electric vehicles and holistic, interconnected ecosystem for modern and environmentally friendly mobility solutions.