Skoda will be bringing to Geneva the cross-coupe battery operated Vision iV

Skoda везет в Женеву кросс-купе на батарейках Vision iV

At that time, as the whole of Europe with a sinking heart, waiting for the appearance of a potential bestseller Kamiq Skoda, the Czech manufacturer does not keep all the eggs in one basket and already hints at the interest in electric cars and even the new-fangled crossover-style coupe. Today, the company announced the presentation in Switzerland of its new concept, which will be an electric SUV with a dynamic silhouette called Vision iV.

The basis of the concept on a new modular platform volkswagenaudi MEB designed specifically for cars that run on electricity and its promise of lower prices of “green” cars due to the effect of mass and interchangeability. Published on the official sketches before us is a bold crossover with clinging to the rear of the roof line, the huge 22-inch wheels in the athletic wheel arches and replaced with a miniature camera with external rear view mirrors.

No part of the glazing of doors is not here, however as there is no visible handles. But, the concept sports a much wider than usual for Skoda grille with vertical slats, as if carved from the rock nose with plenty of sharp edges and geometric shapes and a narrow head optics crystals, United by a thin strip. Huge air intakes hardly designed to cool the engine, but they give the car a really cool look.

In the rear Skoda Vision iV should pay attention to the thin streaks of lights, unusual for the manufacturer, but which will soon appear on production models, a massive diffuser, horizontal led strips and illuminated logo. It is not yet clear will is a promising concept in the series, but Skoda in the same release said that by 2022 the company will invest 2 billion euros in electric vehicles, which in the line by this time will be ten.

Also, main artist, producer Oliver Stephanie said that the prototype Vision iV will be the conductor of the new Skoda design concept designed specifically for electric vehicles of the brand on the platform of the MEB.

Skoda везет в Женеву кросс-купе на батарейках Vision iV

Skoda везет в Женеву кросс-купе на батарейках Vision iV