Skripnik or Shevchenko who will head “the Dynamo” – forecast

Скрипник или Шевченко: кто возглавит "Динамо" – прогноз

Скрипник или Шевченко: кто возглавит "Динамо" – прогноз

Dynamo projected sacked Alexei Mikhailichenko from the position of head coach. While the name of the new coach is not known. However, for the post of head of the Moscow club has several candidates. Bookmakers have named their favorites.

Who will lead the Dynamo: forecast

Favbet bookmaker named 8 professionals who can lead the “Dynamo”. Among them, six Ukrainians and two foreigners, reports 24 channel.

Most likely, according to experts, the current coach of Zorya Luhansk Viktor Skripnik. The factor that he will head the “Dynamo” – 1,40.

According to media reports, the Skrypnyk serious compensation prescribed in the contract with the Luhansk club. In addition, with “Dawn” in the fall of Skrypnyk 2020 will play in the group stage of the Europa League.

The second favorite for the coaching chair “Dynamo” Sergei Rebrov. The second coming Rebrov on the coaching bridge of Kiev the estimated coefficient of 3.50.

Led Dynamo Rebrov won the Premier League and the Ukrainian Cup.

However, while Rebrov has a valid contract with the Hungarian “Ferencvaros”.

Third in the list of likely coaches “Dynamo” is Andriy Shevchenko. His arrival in “the Dynamo” the estimated coefficient 7. However, Shevchenko a contract with Ukraine until the end of 2022.

Who else can lead the “Dynamo”?

Yuri Vernidub, coefficient 15;
Yuri Semin, coefficient 20;
Roman Grigorchuk, coefficient 50;
Oleg Blokhin – coefficient 100;
Alexander Khatskevich, coeficient 100.

Note that from the list of potential coaches offered by experts Favbet without work while Oleg Blokhin, Yuri Semin and Roman Grigorchuk. The first two in his time was the head of “Dynamo”.

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