Skype will get a very useful function: details

Skype получит очень полезную функцию: детали

Last update Skype will relieve parties from the need before an important session to bring the room in perfect order, or to find another place. Microsoft has announced the arrival of Skype in the options of the background blur during a video chat.

For image processing in real time meets artificial intelligence, trained to recognize a human figure. However, he leaves in focus not only the face but also hair, hands, 3DNews reports.

To turn on the “bokeh”, you need to place the mouse cursor over the video call button in the window to move to “Blur out my background” (Blur my background).

Skype получит очень полезную функцию: детали

Skype will get the function of background blur

Ideally, an intelligent algorithm should always keep in focus only the person, but Microsoft warns that sometimes the service can make mistakes.

We do everything possible so that the background was always blurry, but we cannot guarantee that the background will always be blurry
– said on the official Microsoft website.

There is one restriction option is available only in versions of Skype for desktop PCs and laptops.

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