Slice of society or a response to “the scoop”: Why APU fighters gave their votes for Zelensky

Срез общества или ответ на «совок»: Почему бойцы ВСУ отдали свои голоса за Зеленского

Nothing surprising in the fact that the soldiers in the area of environmental protection voted in the majority against the incumbent is not. About it in the comments InfoResist said the famous activist and volunteer Yury Kasyanov.

According to him, surprisingly not that many voted against Poroshenko, and the fact that for him there is generally someone voted.

“Honestly, I was expecting a little different result. I thought that it would ride, but quite a ride. We understand perfectly that in the area of warfare, now no longer in the army, which was in the year 2014-2015, when it consisted a significant part of the volunteers. And these people would certainly vote in such a way that Pete probably got a couple of votes of any guard, which are set to look there for the military. Because Peter made for the army more bad than good. The war he actually lost as commander in chief. Military who are at war, you can’t see it. Can’t see the lie. Can’t see that make these Gladkowska do Agency. And the military vote so they can vote as they see fit. Even despite the fact that many of them so-called guest workers. Everything is clear and logical,” he said.

The expert believes that the military are tired of trench warfare. Because some of theses programs Zelensky, can be understood.

“I think that there is more than a protest vote. And of course you know, trench warfare, one which is now there, trench warfare it in any time never liked. And the first world war, in the trenches people sat and dreamed that this is finally over. And even they went out to fraternize on New year’s, Christmas to the opponents. Such cases were known. Therefore, what offers Zelensky, some things I do not perceive is to negotiate with the enemy and peace at any price, these words have the support of his position, including among warring, in terms of the fighting army. This is not surprising. And most importantly military choose between two evils. Poroshenko, they already ate. With Zelensky they hope for some changes”, – summed up Yuriy Kasyanov.

Zelensky popularity among the military recognizes and Advisor to the defense Minister Yury Biryukov

On his page on Facebook he said that in APU “many voted for Zelensky, alas”.

“And in my beloved 79-Kyo and close friend I-10, and at least respected me 93-ke”. However, he notes that for other candidates in these parts, almost did not vote – only Poroshenko and Zelensky.

Biryukov, like Kasyanov, believes that the result of the vote was affected by the composition of soldiers, many of whom were not in the combat zone in 2014-15.

“It’s not a tragedy, and not the final. In 2024 there will be even fewer of those who were in the 14-15. And in conditional 2050 there won’t be one of those who were in the 14-15 years”, he adds, noting that the army – section of society and there are different people.

Advisor to the Minister of defence noted that the definition of APU as a “Soviet” army is incorrect. He recalled that in the army, which was before the coming to power of Petro Poroshenko and the turnout would have been in 100% support of the authorities – with a score of 99%. And elections for officers and men were democratic.

“Write a lot about “guest workers” who came to the contract in 16-17. So I’m sorry, but anyone who came to any job, he knew money works. And in the context of the army – this is a gradual, not instantaneous, the formation of a professional army,” – concluded Yuri Biryukov.

Was previously announced results from the 79 special stages in the area of environmental protection, which was voted by the Ukrainian military. The leader of the ballot was the presidential candidate Vladimir Zelensky.