Small privatization has brought the state nearly 1.5 billion

Малая приватизация принесла государству почти 1,5 миллиарда

Small privatization of state and municipal property since the start brought the state of 1.48 billion UAH.

“August 17, 2019 marks one year of the start of the small privatization of state and municipal property, which brought the budgets of different levels of 1.48 billion UAH. Of these, 39% at the auction was put up by the state property Fund in excess of 570 million UAH. Local authorities were organized for 61% of the total number of successful auctions, which have attracted in their budgets of about 910 million UAH”, – stated in the message.

Held 1 142 successful auction, which was billed 2 812 various objects. The auction was attended by over 2 thousand 317 participants, who competed for each lot, which gave the opportunity to raise the starting price on average of 59.64%.

“At the auctions of Prosaro.Sale find new owners very different objects. For example, in Lviv was sold to the former restaurant for a record 116 million UAH, and the winner of the auction became known investment company dragon Capital. For the lots, there is a fierce fight in the sale of the premises cafe in the center of Kiev, near the stadium “Dinamo” – and its starting price has increased again to 39 57,5 million UAH” – said the Director of GP “Prozora.Sale” Alexey Sobolev.

To Prosaro.Sales have already joined in 239 cities, towns and local communities from all regions of Ukraine. In particular, according to the rating of Ukrainian cities for one year leaders in terms of attracted from small privatization funds are the following cities: Lviv – 419 million 231 thousand UAH, Zhitomir – 101 million 976 thousand UAH, Kiev – 90 million 786 thousand UAH, Vinnitsa – 35 million 784 thousand UAH, Chernigiv – 21 million 324 thousand UAH, Odessa – 21 million 226 thousand UAH, Coloma – 18 million 673 thousand UAH, the Dnieper – 15 million 870 thousand UAH, Kharkov – 15 million 828 thousand UAH and the city of 15 million 119 thousand UAH.

As you know, according to the Law of Ukraine “On privatization of state and municipal property”, which entered into force in March 2018, small privatization occurs through the electronic system ProZorro.Sale. We are talking about assets of state and communal property worth up to UAH 250 million. Put the objects in the framework of small privatization, the state property Fund of Ukraine and local authorities. The first auction in the system occurred on 17 August 2018.