Smart mattress from Xiaomi: what he knows

Умный матрас от Xiaomi: что он умеет

Умный матрас от Xiaomi: что он умеет

Xiaomi company has released the original novelty. This mattress Smart Mattress 8H. Attracts attention the fact that the new product has a reasonable feature.

As reported by Gizmochina, the novelty has already appeared on the branded crowdfunding site.

What feature

It is really a smart mattress. It can intelligently determine the softness or the hardness. Thus the device is able to configure this separately for the left and right halves.

Also, this figure can be adjusted in accordance with different people.

8H, the Smart Mattress can improve sleep quality, for this purpose it has a special mode. There are also six independent zones with airbags system intelligent control and automatic heating. Adjust each cushion is approximately 20 seconds.

Also you can control your device via the proprietary voice assistant XiaoAI.

8H, the Smart Mattress has a thickness of 26 cm and is covered by Italian latex Schcott thickness of 3 cm Independent pocket springs combined with a 6-zone pillow help to support the spine in the correct position.

To manage the mattress you can with your smartphone via a branded app Mijia. In the application the user will also be able to report about your sleep.


Cost of a novelty in the framework of crowdfunding is 4599 yuan (this is 654 dollars or 17700 UAH). After official start of sales of mattress will cost more.

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