Smartphone-clamshell Samsung Galaxy Z Flip showed at the Oscars

Смартфон-раскладушку Samsung Galaxy Z Flip показали на церемонии вручения Оскара

Tomorrow,February 11, we will likely see the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Z Flip on the presentation of the Galaxy S20 during the event Unpacked. Meanwhile, the company has already shown is the bending of a smartphone-clamshell directly during the 92 minutes of the Oscars.

That Samsung ad.

– Nicole Lee (@nicole) February 10, 2020

The announcement confirms much of what we saw in the leaked content and rumors and more. On the rear panel of Galaxy Z Flip there’s an additional display, which will display call information for an incoming call. The ad also shows the device, unveiled at an angle of 90 degrees and lying on the table – most likely for video calls.

The device is likely to be equipped with last year’s Snapdragon 855+, battery 3300 mAh and two main chambers. There is speculation that the Galaxy Z Flip will cost you almost $1400 without a contract and will be on sale February 14.

Tomorrow in Kiev will host the Samsung press event at which we know for certain additional details.