Smartphone from Xiaomi the most popular in Ukraine

Смартфон от Xiaomi самый популярный в Украине

All products are Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is very popular in Ukraine. At the end of 2018, the # 1 brand in the domestic market by number of smartphones sold. But what device companies active in purchasing the Ukrainians?

As told by the project Manager of the “M” in Ukraine (the group of companies “Hello”) Nikita Lavrenev, one of the most popular among Ukrainians is a smartphone Redmi 6A.

I can’t call specific numbers – this is a commercial secret. But if we talk about the device, which is sold in the greatest volumes in Ukraine, it is – Redmi 6A. He is one of the most affordable devices in the range, Xiaomi,
– said Nikita.

However, he added that the people’s favorite last year was the Redmi Note 5. It not only is good buy, but he gets a lot of positive feedback.

Смартфон от Xiaomi самый популярный в Украине

Redmi Note 5 is one of the most popular smartphones in the Ukraine

If we talk about wearable devices, very popular are fitness trackers series Mi Band. This gadget is also the most popular piece of wearable tech in the world.

Another popular range of products in Ukraine – TV Mi TV. As explained by the Manager of the project “Mi”, these products are difficult to find in stores of our partners, because they are actively snapping up.

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