Smartphone Huawei Mate X was unstable to frost

Huawei launched Mate X complex in the middle of November and despite the high price, smartphones dismantled immediately after the start of sales. However, improved design, on which he worked the developers still are unable to fully protect smartphone from external environment.

Yak Podolia Toutiao, Huawei Mate X does not cope with low temperatures.

What is known about the limitations in using Huawei Mate X

The owners of Huawei Mate X discovered that the instructions manual of your smartphone, there is one unusual limitation. Huawei has warned users that the device should not be in temperatures below -5 degrees in the usual winter conditions even for China.

Смартфон Huawei Mate X оказался неустойчивым к морозу

Смартфон Huawei Mate X оказался неустойчивым к морозу

Packing Huawei Mate X

Experts have suggested that this is due to the structure of the flexible display, which can be very to shrink under the influence of cold in flattened condition.

Attempts to release the Huawei Mate X

First Mate X planned to release in mid-2019. In October, Huawei announced that the output of the device was delayed due to additional screen protection against breakage during Assembly. Despite this, the users clearly do not neglect the limits imposed by the manufacturer – replacement display costs 1 006 dollars.

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