Smartphone OnePlus 7 Pro tested: video

Смартфон OnePlus 7 Pro испытали на прочность: видео

Flagship smartphone OnePlus 7 Pro has already managed to Shine in several high-profile tests immediately after the presentation. Not paid attention to the novelty and well-known technologer Zach Nielson, which checks the device for durability.

Author YouTube channel jerryrigeverything once held a number of their own brand tests and found that the new device is quite resistant to damage.

The front facing camera. Retractable front camera OnePlus Pro 7 when you click on it it hides in the body, and on the screen a message appears warning from manual closing to prevent damage.

The camera lens is protected by glass, but the area around it is made of plastic which is easily scratched. This is to remember and keep the smartphone away from the sand, the grit did not get into gear and damaged it.

Testing OnePlus 7 Pro for strength watch the video

OnePlus implemented in smartphone protection against drops, so if he is in a state of flight when you open the front camera, it automatically enters the casing to avoid breakage.

Display. Like all smartphones OnePlus, a new 7 Pro comes with a protective film on the screen. It easily scratches and will help protect the device for the first time. Tempered glass Gorilla Glass 6 covering the display, damage is much more difficult.

Dactyloscopy. Built-in screen, the fingerprint scanner works even if glass scratched over it.

Body. Side frame, including all buttons, tray for SIM-cards and even a pull-out mechanism Frontali made of metal. It is also worth noting that the tray is “sevens” has a rubber gasket that protects against penetration into the body of water.

With a test curve smartphone also coped successfully even under strong efforts, the housing and the glass remained unharmed.

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