Smartphones Apple collect on 50 thousand less, than in the autumn

Смартфоны Apple собирают на 50 тысяч человек меньше, чем осенью

In October of last year the company Foxconn has announced plans to reduce 50 thousand employees involved in the Assembly of smartphones Apple. To date, the reduction is complete. In addition, Foxconn has optimized the Assembly of computers and tablets from Apple, combining lines with those where there is a build for Dell and Acer. It is possible to reduce the staff of management by 50%.

The same policy and adheres to the other contract manufacturer, Pegatron. The company started reducing in November 2018.

According to experts, there is nothing strange in reductions of the staff there, as they occur annually with the subsequent set before the launch of new models of smartphones Apple. The difference is that this time labor started a month earlier and acted in this direction ahead of schedule. This is attributed to the fact that the demand for “Apple” mobile phones was lower than projected.