Smartphones grandmothers, and libertarianism – Stefanchuk about the ideology of the Servants of the people

Смартфоны всем бабушкам и либертарианство - Стефанчук об идеологии Слуги народа

The representative of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky Ruslan Stefanchuk spoke about the ideology of the party is the servant of the people.

The main ideology of the party is the Servant of the people lies with libertarianism, said the representative of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky Ruslan Stefanchuk.

– We started to form our relationship with him – liberal economic model, the liberal model relations with the relevant national circumstances, said Stepanchuk.

Libertarianism is a set of political philosophies and movements that support freedom as the basic principle. Libertarians seek to maximize political freedom and autonomy, an emphasis on freedom of choice, voluntary Association, individual judgment and the right of ownership.

According to him, the main mission of the party to break the system and to propose a new model of economy, where the state becomes a service that offers a different quality of services, launches private initiatives in all areas where there is a judicial protection of any initiative and good investment climate.

We fight for what we offer a new model of relations in Ukraine. The question is to offer a new quality policy is open, accountable and understandable. Here we use the things we say – and digitalization, and open society, said Stepanchuk.

He also said that the party will deal with the systematization of legislation. Also plans to abolish the petition system, and to ensure people a right of veto with the help of IT technologies.

– It is enough each grandmother in the village to provide smartphones, said Stepanchuk.

He added that to ensure that mobile appliances voters at the expense of the state budget is more profitable than to carry out the paper voting procedure.

The formation of the party lists, he said, has not yet been discussed, but there is a principle that was applied to the heads of regional state administrations.