Smartphones Huawei Mate 30 will get an interesting design: the details

Смартфоны Huawei Mate 30 получат интересный дизайн: детали

Huawei has positioned its smartphone line-Mate as a device for business and supporters of the latest technological innovations. For example, smartphones that get new line of processors Kirin.

Features of the new design of the smartphone Huawei Mate 30. According to industry source, now Huawei is working on the promotion of new technology, when the glass on the back panel attaches directly to the front glass of the display, according to 4PDA.

This eliminates the metal layer of the framework. It is not known how the manufacturer intends to fix the internal components and will carried the usual pull-out tray for the SIM card. Probably people are waiting for full transition to e-SIM.

Problems of implementation of the design. Such a design more difficult to create and even more to implement in mass production. Similar problems have been on the market with the debut of ceramic buildings, which are still not widespread.

Date of announcement of a new line. What happens in the end Huawei Mate 30 Pro – will be known in October this year.

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