Smartphones will begin to disappear in two years, – President of Qualcomm

Many expect that 5G will change the smartphones, but the President of the largest manufacturer of processors for phones more radical forecast: fast communication makes smartphones unnecessary. And Cristiano Amon already knows what will replace them.

The IT giants have now entered the race to create a new type of gadget that in a few years will replace the usual smartphones, said the President of Qualcomm Cristiano Amon in an interview with Business Insider.

What will replace smartphones

The 5G connection will make the connection to cloud services fast and reliable, and the progress in miniaturization will lead to the fact that in a few years we will change the smartphones to AR glasses, I’m sure Amon.

Now big bet on the development of technologies, augmented and virtual reality in various combinations make many leading companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Lenovo and Apple. As well as a number of ambitious startups.

Amon believes that the tipping point will come when functional AR glasses will look almost the same as usual. It will happen in a few years.

It’s not even a replacement phone, you just have fundamentally different device. Think of it as evolution points
– he explains.

A common approach and a winning combination yet, but it is to this point a invisible glasses industry leaders are moving in different directions.

Looks like the market

After Facebook buying Oculus for 2 billion, has produced a number of VR solutions with different capabilities and for different budgets, Microsoft with its HoloLens headset focused on the professional segment, and Apple is preparing to present its vision for the future of AR.

According to rumors, the company from Cupertino will release its headset in 2022. However, now developers can create AR applications for iPhone and iPad. The most amazing solution offered by Amazon: glasses Frames can contact Alexa voice assistant, but they have no display and no camera.

Amon emphasizes that smart glasses are not just changing how we access information, they transformerait society.

Technology capabilities

The glasses will be able to identify the owner absolutely reliably – scanning the face, the iris and the pulse from, for example, is to connect them to the conference, to cloud and social networks, where we will see the same familiar avatars in the form of projections on the AR-ball.

The President of Qualcomm notes the importance of progress towards 5G communication: all of these new possibilities will be opened only when there is instant and reliable access to multiple network resources, especially computing.

If the majority of calculations to perform in the cloud, the points it is possible to make a miniature and inexpensive, and therefore popular.

It’s not just the inspiration the team right now working on it. I’ve seen incredible prototypes
– said Amon.

Besides the slow connection, another major barrier can be concerns about privacy. Now advocates of a just identify expand prohibitions on the use of facial recognition, and their pressure is very effective.

Amon also hopes that 5G can regenerate and smartphone market. Recently, the users from around the world are less likely to buy new phones. In 2019, the industry for the first time in three years increased sales volumes. Therefore, 5G-will help not only consumers but also producers.