Smartphones will help soldiers detect enemies: what know

Смартфоны помогут солдатам обнаруживать врагов: что известно

During the fighting, many loud sounds. That’s why soldiers often wear special headphones to protect hearing due to the system of smart noise reduction. The new technology allows the military to use the headphones with a smartphone to solve these two important problems.

Tactical Communication and Protective Systems TCAPS special headphones that are used by the military, as a rule, contain a mini microphones both inside and outside of each ear canal. These microphones allow the voices of the other soldiers to pass freely, but will automatically include an email filter when they detect loud noises, for example, shooting their own weapons.

How the military headphones

The experimental system developed in French-German research Institute of Saint-Louis, is designed to assist soldiers in determining the location of the enemy. It works in two waves. The first supersonic shock wave that spreads in a cone shape in front of the bullet, the second following her muzzle wave, which radiates spherically in all directions from the firearm.

Смартфоны помогут солдатам обнаруживать врагов: что известно

The military will be able to determine the location of the enemy without much effort

Using microphones inside tactical military headphones, the new system is capable of measuring the difference in time between when two waves reach each of the ears of a soldier. This data is transmitted via Bluetooth to the app on their smartphone, where a special algorithm determines the direction from which came the waves and thus the direction in which the arrows.

If it’s a smartphone with a good processor, the computational time for the complete trajectory is about half a second
– says a leading scientist of the project, Sebastian Heng.

When the technology becomes available

The technology has already been tested in field conditions on TCAPS microphones, located at a distance from each other, while it is planned that it will be tested on the mock soldier’s head at the end of this year, and its introduction for use by the military will be possible in 2021, the year.

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