Smartphones will soon disappear: what can replace them

In his recent interview with Business Insider, the head of Qualcomm Cristiano Amon, said that smartphones are on the verge of extinction and in two years we in everyday life would use very different gadgets. The reasons for such drastic changes Amon called 5G and miniaturization.

We in Techno 24 decided to look into the future and to find those technologies and gadgets which are really capable to replace smartphones in the near future. Indeed, today, miniaturization has achieved unprecedented results and 5G technology promises unprecedented speed and reliability. Who knows, maybe Amon is right and after two years, our everyday world would change dramatically.

AR glasses

Progressive developers from Google, Apple and Microsoft are already working on creating a standalone set, which are able to protestirovat so-called augmented reality.

What is augmented reality?English augmented reality technologies to Supplement reality by any virtual elements. In fact it is the mixed reality created by the computer using additional elements of the perception of reality, where real objects are embedded in the field of perception.

The focus and interest of the market leaders of this technology gives reason to believe that it really can completely replace smartphones. After all, why carry in my pocket a great gadget, if calls, messages and other communications, and any content can be streamed directly to your senses.

Now AR has such a wide application, so now it was possible without undue inconveniences to replace the smartphone with glasses or any other device. However, the company working on this technology, promise that in the not very distant future this gadget is really fully replace the smartphone.

What is on the market

Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2

Смартфоны вскоре исчезнут: что может их заменить

Смартфоны вскоре исчезнут: что может их заменить

Google Glass EE 2, the second generation of smart glasses Google

It’s augmented reality glasses, also known as EE, production Google. They are a more successful attempt of the company to enter the market of Smart Glass compared to the first model of Google Glass and focused exclusively on the business market.

Thanks to the comfortable and lightweight frame, the device is almost not felt when worn. It can be used all day, replacing the usual means of communication (phone, laptop, smart-watches).

Users can use these AR points for access to appropriate work information in checklists, instructions, and also to send photos or videos.

The price of the gadget – $ 999 (23 900 hryvnias)

Magic Leap One

Смартфоны вскоре исчезнут: что может их заменить

Смартфоны вскоре исчезнут: что может их заменить

AR glasses Magic Leap One Creator Edition

Made glasses in order to see the virtual objects over the real world – that is, we are talking about augmented reality.

But Magic Leap is not One simply imposes a virtual image, they are sketching the room in which is the user. The device is able to “remember” the location of the different objects, making these objects the user can interact.

To control the functions of the device using gestures, including head movements, voice and look.

Their price higher than the cost of other similar devices and is 2295 dollars (54 908 UAH). Lightwear uses a set of cameras and sensors for projecting images on the user’s environment.

HoloLens 2

Смартфоны вскоре исчезнут: что может их заменить

Смартфоны вскоре исчезнут: что может их заменить

Mixed reality glasses Microsoft HoloLens 2

The company already produces ready-made solutions in the field of AR and VR. Now you can buy glasses HoloLens mixed reality 2.

One of the advantages of HoloLens is to run computer programs directly inside the headset, so the user does not need to carry a laptop or use a PC. This is especially true for workers in the industry who review of systems – artificial intelligence tells them where the failure is and how to resolve it.

While HoloLens 2 is too large, unfit for everyday wear and also cost 3500 dollars (83 737 hryvnias). However, over time this technology will become more available and the cost will not exceed the price of the smartphone.

What they say in the Apple

Смартфоны вскоре исчезнут: что может их заменить

Смартфоны вскоре исчезнут: что может их заменить

The concept of AR glasses from Apple

One of the biggest supporters everyday use AR is Apple CEO Tim cook. In 2017 in one of his interviews he said that augmented reality will become a revolution which is comparable with the invention of smartphones.

Since Apple is actively working on this direction – buying startups, adds AR in iPhone. At the same time two years ago, cook declined to comment on whether Apple is preparing its own AR glasses, but said that technologies for creating high-quality headset does not yet exist.

However, recently, it was reported that by 2022 Apple will introduce AR-helmet, and a year – AR-glasses.

Other wearable electronics

AR glasses are not the only gadgets that can replace smartphones. Much now more and more popular smart watches, which have long exceeded the normal app to your smartphone and now on the verge of full autonomy.

Apple with each evolution of its Apple Watch makes them more independent from the iPhone.

Now on the market there are a number of such gadgets that can be used separately from the smartphone and even replace it completely.

For example AllCall W2, which allows you to receive and make calls directly from your wrist.

Смартфоны вскоре исчезнут: что может их заменить

Смартфоны вскоре исчезнут: что может их заменить

Chinese smart watch with phone functions

Device the Chinese manufacturer offers the best ratio quality-price. Depending on the modification of a smart wrist gadget can be purchased from 3500 hryvnia. Quite reasonable price for a multifunction device on Android.

The model is equipped with a slot for Sim-card format Nano, there is support for 3G networks, has a built-in GPS sensor, Wi-Fi adapter. Additional sensors: heart rate monitor, sleep monitoring, pedometer, gyroscope.

Or Samsung Gear S2 3G, if you prefer a more famous brand. This watch is also able to surprise the average user with its capabilities.

Смартфоны вскоре исчезнут: что может их заменить

Смартфоны вскоре исчезнут: что может их заменить

Smart watch from Samsung will surprise you

Smart wrist accessory from Samsung has gained wide popularity. In 2018, the South Korean brand has released a modification of the Samsung Gear S2 3G. The availability of support work with the map operator 3G connection, it is noted in the model name.

The function of mobile communication in the model Gear S2 3G works surprisingly well. It has a built-in speaker with excellent sensitivity. Cost of such a gadget 785 11 UAH.

If you try to spend at least a day with Huawei Watch Sport 2 4g using it instead of mobile – you will be amazed at how comprehensive this small device is able to replace your normal device.

Смартфоны вскоре исчезнут: что может их заменить

Смартфоны вскоре исчезнут: что может их заменить

Watch from Huawei is able to easily replace the smartphone

You’ll even be able to send messages. For this you can use the keyboard – not the easy way. Much easier just to dictate Google Assistant your message. He understands amazingly well.


However, most futuristic “gadget” the future promises us none other than Elon Musk. It promises a direct interface between human brain and computer. At least this is what the company Ilona Neuralink 2016.

What is Neuralink?It neurotechnologija company founded by Elon Musk in San Francisco in 2016. It develops implant interface brain-machine.

Until July 2019, no one knew what in the firm and what the results of her work. Then the company employed 90 people, and the initial financing is 158 million, of which $ 100 million was allocated personally Musk.

The company plans in 2020 to begin clinical testing of the technology on humans.

Смартфоны вскоре исчезнут: что может их заменить

Смартфоны вскоре исчезнут: что может их заменить

Elon Musk talks about the interface of the future

Neuralink has developed a chip N1 that is designed to be implanted in the brain. It will be specially designed robot, which will implant the chip. At the initial stage will also be a special smartphone app, using which you can control chip.

The founder of the company and its key employees in July 2019 for the first time talked about, what goals has Neuralink and what successes have been achieved in 2.5 years of existence of the company.

In short – the company has created a sensor that helps to read the activity of neurons of the human brain outputting a signal to the computer. The sensor can work in the opposite direction, to transmit a signal from the computer to the brain and cause certain neurons to become more active.

Small size and designed Neuralink implantation procedure of a sensor allows you to make everything as automated, accurate, fast and absolutely painless. So that the patient at the time the procedure will be conscious and will not feel any discomfort.

The whole system is called the N1 will be connected to the smartphone and the user will be able to train on a smartphone directly using the brain.

Now the main aim of the invention is to improve the quality of life of patients with injuries or diseases of the brain. Very often, the only work on such people only have the eyes and the invention of team Elon musk may be the salvation for them because it will greatly facilitate the ability to communicate with the rest of the world.

Wide application

As for the other users, then N1 can turn their usual experience with gadgets turned on its head. Imagine having to use all the appliances you will be using your brain just by thinking about it. Of course, first you will have to work out, but this is a very promising experience.

Смартфоны вскоре исчезнут: что может их заменить

Смартфоны вскоре исчезнут: что может их заменить

The closest experience to use technology will change dramatically

In this case, the usual smartphone we will no longer be needed, and in combination with smart watches and AR glasses it solves most of their problem, nuisance control, and data entry. This is a completely different user experience.

Maybe soon we will witness the new fantastic future, on the threshold of which we stand.

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