Smells like conspiracy: the referee invented a penalty kick in the gates “Barcelona” in spite of the system VAR – video

Пахнет заговором: арбитр придумал пенальти в ворота "Барселоны" несмотря на систему VAR – видео

Пахнет заговором: арбитр придумал пенальти в ворота "Барселоны" несмотря на систему VAR – видео

In the championship of Spain gathering pace in the title race. For winning La Liga I bet real Madrid and Barcelona. After the previous game of the Catalans the fate of the championship can be solved in favour of real Madrid. Match Barcelona and Atletico Madrid ended real scandal, which is pretty stirs intrigue.

Scandal in La Liga

In the 33 round of the Barcelona drew with Atletico Madrid (2:2) in his field, reports 24 channel. In the match the referee awarded 3 penalties and another made the players “Atletico” to surpass it.

Referee Alejandro Jose Hernandez was appointed rather doubtful a penalty where the violation was not obvious.

The real scandal was the last penalty in the match.

The Belgian striker Quique Yannick Carrasco in the second half tripped on the fault and fell in the penalty of “Barcelona”. Obviously, nothing disturbing, because Yannick fell on their own initiative.

But the referee found a violation of rules and despite the ability to view the video replay of the moment awarded a penalty. Soul easily converted the kick and brought Atletico to a draw 2:2.

Video penalty, see overview of match

After the resumption of La Liga, “Barcelona” has lost points in three matches. Now real Madrid has a chance to break away for 4 points, if you win at Getafe.

Barcelona demonstrates not their game, but officiating mistakes in duels “Blaugrana” are becoming more obvious.

Spanish press actively writes that the referees help real Madrid become champion. Perhaps the local media inflate this, but in duels “creamy” is really the contentious issues to decide in their favor.

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