Smigel explained how in 2021 will increase the minimum wage

Шмыгаль объяснил, как в 2021 году будет повышаться минимальная зарплата

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine planned for the current and 2021 three stages for raising the minimum wage. About this on his page in Facebook said the Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal.

The first stage – from September 1 the minimum wage in Ukraine increased to 5000 UAH (+UAH 277 or 5.9%). From 1 January 2021, it will amount to 6000 grivnas (+20%), and from 1 July 2021 – 6500 (+8.3 per cent).

“Our vision of the need to raise the minimum wage is based on five factors that we analyze (consumer demand, inflation, employment, poverty, inequality)”, – said Smigel.

He added that calculations show that the increase of the minimal wage will boost consumer demand for Ukrainian products, will help to bring the wage to a real living wage, will not impact significantly on inflation and increasing unemployment.

Recall that the minimum wage in Ukraine from 1 January 2020 is 4723 UAH. In 2019, the minimum wage was UAH 4 173 year – 3723 hryvnia.

In June, President Vladimir Zelensky instructed the government to raise the minimum wage by 40% – from the current 4723 of USD to 6500 USD.

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