Smigel requires urgent solutions for balance in the electricity market

Шмыгаль требует срочных решений для баланса на рынке электроэнергии

Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal called the National Commission, which performs state regulation in the sphere of energy and utilities (NKREKU), as soon as possible to make the necessary decisions to balance the electricity market in Ukraine.

He said this during the meeting of Crisis energy headquarters, which was attended by acting Minister of energy Olga Bukovec, MPs, the leadership of the national Commission, NNEGC “Energoatom”, SE “Energorynok”, NEK “Ukrenergo” SE “market Operator” and other representatives of the energy industry, according to the Government website.

“Smigel appealed to the national Commission that the regulator urgently decided to balance the electricity market and its further effective work,” reads the message.

According to the Prime Minister, the government’s interest in balancing as the market as a whole and its individual elements, in particular of “Energoatom” and the “certified buyer”.

“The role of the national Commission today, this process is crucial. We appeal to the market regulator, to speed up the process of calculations. The Ministry of energy will encourage and support these processes,” – said the head of government.

It is noted that the results of the work of the staff is also instructed to hold a separate working meeting with NAEK “Energoatom”, JSC “Centrenergo” and other energy companies on financial stability, fulfillment of the forecast balance, timely payment for coal.

As reported, according to the energy Ministry, the energy sector of Ukraine today is in a systemic crisis, which manifests itself in the physical and financial imbalances. Physical imbalance arose, in particular by: reducing the consumption of electricity since October last year as a result of warm winters and quarantine measures; imports from Belarus and Russia; savings in the warehouses of the mines and thermal power plants excessive amounts of coal, for which there is no demand; the growth of generation from renewable energy sources with a guaranteed production schedule of electricity, which poses significant risks to system operation.

Financial imbalance, as stated in the profile Ministry, arose from the excessive amount of electricity and artificial administrative constraints that have distorted pricing in the electricity market led to losing job power generating plants.

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