Smoking while driving is going to be banned

Курение за рулем собираются запретить

According to deputies-initiators, non-Smoking distracts from the road and should be equated to using a mobile phone without hands-free

The initiative to ban Smoking behind the wheel was offered by the Deputy from the LDPR faction Dmitry Svishchev. As the official said: “I propose to ban Smoking while driving. Cigarettes, lighter, matches, ashtrays definitely distracting the driver. With it hardly someone will argue. This creates some tension on the road and a danger to others motorists and pedestrians”.

In addition, the Deputy forgot to mention that the driver is Smoking detrimental to the health of passengers who are with him in the cabin. Kind of the icing on the cake was the statement of the Deputy about how such a ban will help stop the promotion of Smoking. According to him, in the car glass, the driver Smoking and indirectly promoting Smoking.